Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things You Might Overhear at My Food Bank.

  • "Mommy, is Daddy going to sell this food too?"

  • "YES! Oreos! They are so good after you smoke a big fat one. You got any milk?"
  • " I have 5 kids. .. The only meat you have today is a turkey? Don't put that in my box. I don't like turkey." (I put one in anyway and told her oldest daughter how to boil it to death and make soup. Screw her.)

  • "I'm not high- don't judge me. I need some chocolate, Shannon. Not 'cause I'm high. Cause I'm not. I'm not high. I mean it girl, quit looking at me like that. Why you people always judging me? So do you have any chocolate or not. Can't I just want some fucking chocolate without ya'll thinking I'm high?" (All I had said was, 'Hey Theresa!')

  • "I'm having a cook out tomorrow for all the Boy Scout Troops in the county and only need enough chicken for like 300 people." (I actually said 'Are you fucking kidding me' to this one. She wasn't. She told me I was letting her son down. I told her to sell her Lexus.)

  • "We brought back the boxes (food I had given them) and we went through our kids old clothes.. last time we were here there was a little boy who needed a coat. "(They brought a whole wardrobe plus toys!)

  • Typical Thursday! For every 5 bad, you get 1 good. It's the opposite of what they say about negative/positive comments throughout your day.. that you will remember the one bad one. I remember the good, not the bad. The ones who came back to try to help someone else. They are the ones who stand out in my mind at the end of the day. Of course, next Thursday when Theresa walks through that door I think I'm going to jump in her face and start yelling, "Are you high? Why do you always have to be high? Do you want some chocolate?" :)


    Roxy said...

    go for it girl - get in her face. talk about ungrateful!!!....
    I bet you see all kinds of crazy ass people.I've never been to a food bank i have helped out at a soup kitchen now that was an experience. guess i should go and donate something. I normally donate but it directly.
    good blog -
    I am going to follow your blog too.
    come by and check my out when you get a chance.


    Roxy said...

    Oh I forgot - i love your blog name foodbankbarbie
    love it.

    hate it when you post something and then find a mistake and can't edit it. blogger really needs to work this out.


    hollytwo said...

    haha. thats funny! i can only imagine the things you see/hear!!

    Rachel said...

    I am sooo intrigued. I assume the food is free or low costs; who donates it? And she was driving a Lexus and wanted to feed 500 people at a foodbank? People still amaze me that is for sure.

    I want to learn more about this!

    Every year it has been our "christmas tradition" to go downtown and feed the homeless; we would make sandwiches and some other goodies and include a fresh new pair of socks; now they city passed an ordinance that they will arrest you if they catch you feeing them...can you believe it? a couple of groups are protesting this now.

    Small Footprints said...

    You could write a book about the people you've met and the experiences you've had.

    The one out of five ... what a lovely thing. To share what little they had ... just because they saw a need. Now that's the true spirit of the season!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Small Footprints

    LisaB said...

    I love the fact that your days are never the same. It sure makes life interesting, doesn't it?!

    Keep writing, maybe this will all make a great book someday.

    Small Footprints said...

    Hi (again)!

    Oh yes ... please feel free to use my blog to pass along the "green" word. And thank you ... you made my day!

    Small Footprints

    Alexandra Orton said...

    This just prooves how strong you are. Your fabulous sense of humor doesn't hurt either. ;)

    aa said...